SDG Initiatives


The DeNA Group mission is “We delight people beyond their wildest dreams.” We value the meaning and value of the lives of individuals. By providing a new delight that shines a spotlight on these individuals, we aim to contribute to the formation of a more vibrant 21st century society that embraces diversity and complexity. Our businesses started with e-commerce, and then expanded into community operations and games, and now we engage in a broad range of areas, not just internet services but also in the sports, automotive, and healthcare domains. Now, in addition to these domains, we also are proactively working to leverage AI and to entertain and to serve through our businesses.
The Board of Directors endeavors to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs, in dialogue and collaboration with our customers, partners, employees, shareholders, the local community, and other stakeholders.

DeNA Group Initiatives to Achieve the SDGs

*This list includes example initiatives and is not comprehensive.