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Training Programs

New employee training
(both new grad and mid-career hires)

・Orientation (understanding corporate culture)

・Skill training (self-understanding, how to engage in work)

・Self-management training (sleep, attitude, mental health, etc.)

・Engineer training, designer training

Shared training for whole company

・DeNA business overview training

・Legal training (training on laws & regulations, and contracts)

・Personal information protection training

・Compliance training

・Customer-oriented training (CS)

Manager and executive training

・Newly appointed manager training

・Manager workshop

・Management training camp

Other specialized training

・Coaching training (for managers)

・Health related seminars & training

Examples of Study Sessions for Engineers *As of July 2022

TechTalk Once every 3 months Seminar for presentations on all DeNA Group technology
AWS Workshop Every other month Learnings about AWS services and sharing of in-house use cases
GCloud Monday Every other week Learnings about Google Cloud services and sharing of in-house use cases
flutter_monday Weekly Study session on Flutter
GoDay Weekly Study session on Go
Android Tuesday Weekly Study session on Android
SwiftWednesday Weekly Study session on iOS / macOS / watchOS / tvOS / Swift / ObjC / Xcode / LLVM, etc.
Web Frontend Study Session Weekly Study session on frontend / node / javascript / typescript

Support Programs

Career support

・Shake Hands Program

・Cross Job Program

・In-house job board

・Side Job Program

・Career consultation service

・Permanent employee conversion program

・Career selection program

・360° feedback

・Various training programs

・Awards program

・Support for hosting study sessions

・International conference attendance program

In-house communication ・Club support *Portion of club fees covered
Life events Childcare leave

・Maternity & paternity leave

・Childcare leave

・Baby care leave

・Childbirth bonus

・Return to work workshop

・Three-party meeting before return to work

・Support after return to work

・Return from maternity/paternity leave support allowance

・Babysitter assistance

・Traveling sitter allowance

・Child nursing leave

・Child allowance

・Training for supervisors of employees on shortened hours

・Advance explanation of maternity/paternity leave procedures, advice from other working parents

Nursing care leave

・Nursing care leave

・Nursing care leave of absence

・Explanation of procedures and interview on the situation prior to nursing care leave

・Regular communication during nursing care leave

・Three-party meeting before return to work

・Support after return to work

Information sharing

・Information on balancing work and private life disseminated through in-house newsletters

・Creation and distribution of booklets on employees' childcare experience

Events ・DeNA Family Day

・Annual paid leave

・Accumulated leave system

・Court leave

・Menstrual leave

・Marriage leave

・Special leave for long service

・Leave of absence system

Insurance & asset formation support

・Health insurance/employee pension

・Accident and illness compensation

・Disaster compensation

・Shareholding association

・Group Long-Term Disability (GLTD) insurance

・Defined contribution pension plan/defined benefit pension plan

・Various employee discount programs