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With the rapid evolution of IT, smartphones and other devices have become an indispensable part of our lives. At the same time, the decline in Japan's international competitiveness has become a major issue.
DeNA believes that technology can be used to create businesses that have a large impact and solve social issues more efficiently. To this end, it is imperative to develop human resources who understand and can utilize technology.
Through programming education, internet awareness activities, and other content tailored to the growth process, DeNA supports the development of human resources who understand the convenience and challenges of technology and can actively utilize it. DeNA's hope is that the next generation who will be responsible for the future will be able to make an impact on the world through technology.

Initiatives to Support Programming Education in Elementary SchoolsElementary

Initiatives to Support Programming Education in Elementary Schools Initiatives to Support Programming Education in Elementary Schools

In June 2014, DeNA launched programming education for first graders at public elementary schools as an industry-government-academia collaboration between Takeo City, Saga Prefecture, DeNA, and Toyo University. In 2017 we released Programming Zemi, a free programming learning application developed with consideration for how children use this type of content, which we gained through previous programming classes and the opinions of on-site teachers.
For our part, we believe that learning programming as part of language education at an early age will not only nurture IT specialists, but will also give birth to new ideas, services, and works linked to IT from various fields when children are raised with diverse personalities and areas of expertise.

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Educational Company VisitsElementaryJunior HighHigh

DeNA holds educational company visits at our headquarters primarily for junior high and high schoolers to facilitate their social education.
The purpose of these company visits is as follows:
1.To learn about internet and game services, and spark interest in thinking about careers
2.To learn about how to use the internet appropriately and ensure young people are equipped to use the internet in a safe and sound manner
We hope that this unique company visit experience provides an opportunity for students that they would not otherwise have in their schooling, and inspires them to think about their own future careers.
*Currently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic we suspended these educational company visits. We will update this page when visits resume.

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Initiatives to Raise Awareness of Internet Use for Young People Junior HighHighParent & Guardian

To ensure that children who will grow up using the internet in the future can use it in a safe and sound manner, DeNA is engaged in internet awareness initiatives for young people. In addition to conducting activities in various formats through industry associations, we also provide youth protection initiatives and internet awareness content on the Mobage site. As an internet company, we will continue to promote safe and sound internet use.

  • Educational Leaflet About Safe and Sound Internet UseThis educational leaflet provides examples of problems and precautions when using the internet and smartphones, as well as tips for preventing problems, in a format that is easy for children to understand with the help of four-frame cartoons. We hope that this leaflet will encourage children to think about their own internet and smartphone use, and provide an opportunity for school staff, parents, and guardians to discuss safe and sound internet use with their students and children.

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IT Personnel Career SupportStudents & Adults

DeNA TechCon
DeNA TechCon is a technical conference that DeNA has held since 2016 with the aim of contributing to strengthening technology in the community by sharing insight gained by DeNA engineers in the course of their work. The event is held online and has different themes for each season, with the 2021 theme being Modulation.

Images from DeNA TechCon

Images from DeNA TechCon Images from DeNA TechCon

With the recent rise of companies introducing AI and IoT solutions and the increasing use of technology in existing industries such as manufacturing, medical/healthcare, and agriculture, IT technologies and personnel are in demand not only by traditional technology companies who are in internet businesses, but also in a wide range of industries.
Under these circumstances, four startup technology companies based in Shibuya, CyberAgent, DeNA, GMO Internet, and mixi, have joined forces in hopes of accelerating innovation through IT in Japan, starting with Shibuya, which is undergoing a once-in-100-years redevelopment. The "BIT VALLEY" project was launched in July 2018. Since then, we have been working on measures to develop IT human resources and raise the skills of those involved in IT monozukuri through three conferences and other events under the vision of encouraging the development of Japan's IT industry beyond the boundaries of companies.

Images from BIT VALLEY

Images from BIT VALLEY Images from BIT VALLEY