Basic Approach for Sustainability

  • Mission, Vision, and Value
  • DeNA Group Code of Conduct
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Basic Approach for Sustainability

The DeNA Group has our mission, vision, and value as the basic approach for DeNA sustainability initiatives.

DeNA’s mission is “We delight people beyond their wildest dreams.” DeNA collaborates with various stakeholders as appropriate with the aim to deliver Delight to a variety of areas and contribute to creating a world where all people can shine.

The DeNA Promise (Our Social Promise), part of the value, includes “Acting Sustainably.” As a global citizen, DeNA will contribute to a sustainable future by promoting corporate activities that emphasize harmony among the economy, society, and the environment.

The Board of Directors proactively works to address sustainability issues on the basis of this basic approach.


We delight people beyond their wildest dreams.


We will be the world’s premier provider of internet and AI technology to delight people everywhere.
We seek to entertain and enrich lives, and to serve and make the world a better place.
Each of us harnesses our individual strengths to make our unique business succeed.


DeNA Promise Our Social Promise
Commitment to Product & Service Quality We deliver delight to our customers through an obsessive commitment to making our products and services trustworthy and easy to use.
Cooperation & Prosperity for All We cooperate with business partners and other members of the community to create prosperity for everyone.
Overcoming Challenges We provide delight that surpasses expectations. We challenge ourselves to develop new technology and services while overcoming any issues that may arise.
Acting with Transparency As a member of the community, we believe that transparency should be reflected in the actions of everyone on staff and in management.
Providing Growth Opportunities We seek to provide a unique and invaluable work experience, enabling our employees to contribute to society.
Acting Sustainably As a global citizen, we strive for harmony with the economy, society, and the environment in order to contribute to a sustainable future.
DeNA Quality One Team in Pursuit of Delight
Focus on Substance We focus on providing value, and each of us works as a part of an effective, purposeful team.
Being Our Best We strive for the highest degree of professionalism in all our actions.
Speak Up & Listen We share our thoughts and listen carefully, regardless of our position in the organization.
Respect Diversity We appreciate the diverse strengths of our colleagues and harness them to achieve success.
Enjoy the Journey Mindful that challenges can lead to success or failure, we thoroughly enjoy the journey.

DeNA Group Code of Conduct

All the executives and employees of the DeNA Group are required to fully understand the contents and act in accordance with this Code.