Increasing Quality to Create Customer Delight

The DeNA quality management department and customer service department work on DQM (DeNA Quality Management) to increase quality without compromise to make the best products and services for customers and deliver Delightful quality.
To maintain and increase Delightful quality even further, we continually work to improve in the areas of product quality, service quality, and social quality. We sincerely listen to customer feedback and deliver Delight through our provision of safe, secure, and sound products and services.
To deliver Delightful quality to each and every user, we pursue quality in three areas: product quality, service quality, and social quality.

Initiatives to Ensure Safety and Peace of Mind When Using Our Services

Service Initiatives

At DeNA, we implement the optimal initiatives for each service to ensure that our customers have a safe and secure experience.

Initiatives to maintain soundness of Mobage
Initiatives to maintain soundness of Live Streaming services
Coordination with National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan and Related Organizations

DeNA has established an email and telephone support system to ensure that everyone can use our services comfortably. In addition, we are working with the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan to resolve inquiries as quickly as possible. We also cooperate with related organizations to prevent crimes that may occur as a result of our services. We share an overview of DeNA's services and specific cases with all of these organizations through briefings and lectures.

Measures Against Fraud and Other Improper or Illegal Activities

Measures to Prevent Unauthorized Login or Access
DeNA CERT*, a specialized security organization, collects threat and vulnerability information, conducts vulnerability assessments of services, and analyzes service access records. It also conducts incident response training in preparation for unauthorized logins and unauthorized access, as well as security training for engineers who develop and operate services.
We also collaborate with external organizations, and are members of organizations such as the Japan CSIRT Council and JPCERT/CC to keep abreast of the latest trends in security. In the event of an actual incident, we work not only internally, but also cooperate and collaborate with relevant external organizations (regulatory ministries and agencies, police, IPA, JPCERT/CC, etc.) to quickly resolve the issue.
*CERT = Computer Emergency Response Team

Measures to Crack Down on Improper or Illegal Activities
In order for everyone to enjoy our games with peace of mind, DeNA prohibits the falsification of data and the use of unauthorized programs, and conducts systemic and human monitoring. In addition to data falsification and the use of malware, DeNA implements strict measures such as usage restrictions and suspends accounts without prior notice based on the Terms of Service for accounts that engage in improper activities.
In addition, RMT (Real Money Trade)* is prohibited by Mobage and each game's terms and conditions because of the negative impact it has on the usage environment, such as causing problems between users. Cheating** is also prohibited by Mobage and each game's terms and conditions, and may not only cause problems for other game users, but may also be punishable as an illegal act. Therefore, we take strict measures when these behaviors are found.
*Real money trade (RMT) refers to the act of buying and selling characters, items, cards, in-game virtual currency, etc. in the game for real currency. **Cheating refers to the act of rewriting data handled in the game or using bugs to break the system.

Identity Verification Mechanism

Identity Verification Using Official ID
When registering for Anyca, the peer-to-peer car sharing service, DeNA SOMPO Mobility verifies the registration information of each customer based on official documents such as a driver's license and vehicle inspection certificate. In addition, the identity verification process is strict, including refusing membership to users whom DeNA SOMPO Mobility deems inappropriate.

Ensuring Safety and Peace of Mind in the Car Sharing Experience on Anyca
Initiatives to Protect Young People

Restrictions on Use of Functions for Young People
The use of communication functions and other functions is restricted based on the birth date information entered at the time of member registration. Games prohibit the use of certain communication functions, such as chatting, between users under 18 years of age and users over 18 years of age. Mobage also systematically blocks users under 18 from exchanging messages, and implements systemic restrictions that prevent users over 18 from sending messages to users under 18. We have also implemented measures to protect young people, such as excluding users under 18 from profile search results.

Measures Related to Spending for Young People
In general, Mobage and each game have the following restrictions on spending on paid content depending on the user age in Japan.

●Monthly Limits on Spending (Japan)
・Up to 10,000 yen per month if registered age is under 18
・Up to 5,000 yen per month if registered age is 15 or lower

*The above ages are calculated based on the date of birth provided during registration and the date of purchase.

DeNA also imposes various usage and spending restrictions for minors in games and services as appropriate in other countries around the world.

Raising Awareness About Healthy Internet Use

Creation of Content and Leaflets to Raise Awareness
DeNA provides content on internet manners and safety on the Mobage site (and Yahoo! Mobage when accessing from a PC) for internet users and their parents and guardians to deepen their understanding of healthy internet use.
In addition, we have produced educational materials (leaflets) on safe and secure internet use. The leaflets provide examples of problems and precautions when using the internet and smartphones, as well as tips for preventing problems, in a format that is easy for children to understand, using four-frame cartoons. We hope that these leaflets will encourage children to think about their own internet and smartphone use, and provide an opportunity for school staff and parents to discuss safe and secure internet use with their students and children.

How to Use the Internet in a Safe and Healthy Way (Japanese only)

On February 12, 2010, Mobage began directing users to Kotaeru, a consultation service that offers advice on internet and mobile phone problems.
Kotaeru is a consultation service for young people in the Tokyo metropolitan area who have problems with the internet or mobile phones, and provides appropriate responses. This hotline accepts consultation requests on a wide variety of worrying topics, including everyday questions such as whether a link is ok to click, to issues such as false billing, unfair billing, auction fraud, shopping trouble, online bullying, defamation, spam (including chain mails), malicious sites, unauthorized access, and copyright violations, etc. All consultations are kept confidential. Consultation is free of charge.

Collaboration with Industry Organizations

DeNA actively participates in various activities in industry organizations to create a safe environment for our customers and to promote the sound development of the industry. In addition, DeNA endorses various self-imposed guidelines established by industry organizations such as the Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (CESA), and provides services that comply with these guidelines.
In recent years, there have been reports of cases in which people's daily lives have been disrupted due to excessive game playing, so four organizations, including CESA and the Mobile Content Forum (MCF), both of which DeNA is a member, established a joint study group to conduct surveys and research to ascertain the reality of this situation and to promote awareness of how to enjoy games in a healthy manner. These four organizations have been working together to create an environment in which people can enjoy games in a healthy way through self-imposed regulations (guidelines) that stipulate policies for the protection of minors and the operation of network games. DeNA endorses the purpose of the study group, and will continue to support the study group's efforts to promote compliance with the guidelines and cooperation in surveys and research.

●Examples of Guidelines Followed at DeNA
-CESA "Guidelines for the Protection of Minors"
Regulates matters related to parental consent and spending in the case of use by minors.

-CESA "Guidelines for the Operation of Randomized Item Provision Methods in Network Games"
In principle, all items that can be obtained through paid randomized item provision method (otherwise known as "paid gacha") and the percentage (probability) of each item being offered must be displayed.

-CESA "Guidelines for Real Money Trade (RMT) Measures"
The guidelines stipulate that companies must take measures to prohibit and curb real money trade (RMT), which is the act of buying and selling game accounts and characters, as well as acting as an intermediary for such activities.

●Example of Video Created to Raise Awareness by Industry Organization
CESA Video on Promise About Gaming(Japanese Only)
This video introduces three important points for agreeing to a promise about gaming in each family, and introduces parental controls, useful tools to enforce that promise.

Initiatives with industry organizations