Respect for Human Rights

Human Rights Policy

“We delight people beyond their wildest dreams” is the Mission of the DeNA Group. The DeNA Group cooperates appropriately with a variety of stakeholders to bring Delight to many areas and create a world where people’s individuality can shine.
Under the DeNA Promise (our social promise) in Value, the DeNA Group promotes cooperation & prosperity for all, diversity, and other sustainable corporate activities. The DeNA Group also has “Respect Diversity” in DeNA Quality, the cornerstone for employee judgment to provide Delight. The DeNA Group Code of Conduct also establishes a respect for all fundamental human rights and an appreciation of cultural and/or regional differences and diversity in business operations.

Based on the above, the DeNA Group has formulated the “DeNA Group Human Rights Policy” (hereinafter the “Policy”) as the guideline promoting respect for human rights throughout the DeNA Group, and the Policy was adopted through a board of directors resolution.

The Policy applies to all officers and employees of the DeNA Group. We sincerely appreciate the understanding and cooperation of our business partners, suppliers, and other business operators with the intent and content of this Policy so that the Group can fulfill our commitment to human rights in our business activities.

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Initiatives to respect human rights

Respect for human rights and diversity, and prohibition of discrimination

Respect for human rights and consideration for diversity are prescribed in the DeNA Group Code of Conduct. The DeNA Group respects the fundamental human rights of all people and strives to conduct our business in a manner that takes into account regional and cultural differences and diversity. To ensure that employees are aware that various factors such as race, nationality, religion, gender, as well as age, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, and marital or child status can lead to discrimination and harassment, we provide a compliance handbook that explains specific examples, annual code of conduct training for all officers and employees, and we also strive to raise awareness of these issues through training on unconscious bias.
In addition, we have formulated the "DeNA Group Partner Guidelines," which clearly stipulate items we expect our partners to cooperate with when doing business with the DeNA Group, such as respect for human rights and consideration for diversity, prohibition of harassment and discrimination, and equal opportunity.

Prevention of harassment

The DeNA Group Code of Conduct prohibits all forms of harassment, including sexual harassment, and discrimination based on race, religion, gender, age, nationality, origin, or disability. It also stipulates that we will always strive to ensure equality and equal opportunity in our recruitment activities and in the treatment of our officers and employees.
DeNA is committed to preventing harassment so that all employees can work comfortably and achieve maximum performance. In addition, DeNA conducts educational activities such as the distribution of compliance handbooks to ensure a thorough understanding of harassment.
We have established a harassment consultation line to address harassment issues that are difficult to remedy or resolve.